"To be a man or woman of adventure and courage; to be truly ALIVE, to know what fear tastes like and to swallow it-sharp pointy bits and all-this is what it is to have pirattitude."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Rules

Because all pirates just love rules.

Nevertheless, there are a few guidelines that should be followed, in pirate life as well as in regular life. Even pirates followed certain social strictures, such as the common idea that clothing should be worn at most times (AND HOW did they follow that one!).

The rules are that I will attempt to do one piratey thing, or think in a piratey way, each day from now on for the entire year of 2011.

My source material for the project will be the books Pirattitude! and The Pirate Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer. Both books are by John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur and Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers. As the year progresses I may add more books to the list, depending both on the state of my wallet and the state of my reading ability due to consumption of copious amounts of grog.

Most importantly, henceforth I will be known as "Sinister-Boots Em," and for fancy occasions, "Sinister-Boots Em, the Well-Endowed." This name has been specially chosen for me due to my penchant for fabulous footwear.

And now if I may wax poetic: I would like to share a quote from page 2 of Pirattitude! that I feel sums up the spirit of the project. The quote is as follows:

"To be a man or woman of adventure and courage; to be truly ALIVE, to know what fear tastes like and to swallow it-sharp pointy bits and all-this is what it is to have pirattitude."

It brings tears to my eyes.

Oh wait, that's me. Yar, the brine o' the sea be my shower, mateys!

I invite you all to choose your own pirate names for our adventure.

If ye be needin' help, just let ol' Sinister-Boots consult with her pirate gang to choose ye a moniker!

Let's LIVE, mateys, LET'S LIVE!


  1. ....they're more like guidelines anyway.

    PirateName.net gave me:
    Pirate Name : Captain Yvette Pine
    Ship Name : Queen Ens The Red Planet

  2. Sinister-Boots, this is excellent. I can't wait to follow this adventure. I'd love some help with a pirate name if you don't mind...

  3. I don't have time to come up with a pirate name - I'm too busy preparing for the apocalypse.
    (however, once civilization collapses, I'd like to be known as "Beef Supreme")

  4. Mondeskind: That's a lovely, wench-y name, but might I suggest Bloody-Bones DeKorte as a more dastardly alternative, for those times when you need to scare the bejeezus out of people?

    Bridget: What say you to Rattlechains the Shipburner? Just an idea, mind you.

    Lily: since you have no time to come up with a pirate name, I will choose one for you. Mad-Dog Gunnels you be. The name alone should scare those zombies right back into the sea! Incidentally, if your pirate compatriot be needin' a name, might I put forward the moniker of Squinty McGee? Not dastardly enough?

  5. I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the name:
    Red Binx Pena

    It sounds like a disease. So henceforth, I shall be known as "Tight-Shanks the Horny". Thank you all, and we be pullin up anker to lay siege to the land lovers. Also, where's me wench, I'm livin up to me name.

  6. I'm fully aware that anchor is spelled incorrectly. Thats my pirate ejukation.

  7. A fine name it is, Tight-Shanks! Mondeskind, Yvette Pine be no pirate name, but it be a good wenchly name. Ye be our official wench (yarrs of approval commence)! But it be best if we all learn quickly here that thar's only one captain in town, and that be Captain Sinister Boots, the Well-Endowed!

  8. I guess I can't very well be the ship's princess then....ok. Wenchy it is. I'd prefer something Germanic to Frenchy.....lemmethink...... Heidi?

  9. Yar, Mondeskind, ye be too cerebral for our bunch. Wenchy you be, and so Wenchy your name be!

  10. Hokay. So I went to yet another website and it gave me "Dirty Eliza" Yarrr. I think tharr's a keeper!

  11. If it's names we be claiming, how does the sound of Darkwater Duff strike ye?

  12. Darkwater Duff (after the infamous camp along Haynes Creek, mayhap?) and Dirty Eliza both strike me as names fine and worthy of a pirate. Welcome to the crew, mateys!